Welcome to our seafood

restaurant “Povero Pesce”

Menu of our restaurant completely fish or vegetarian. We use only Mediterranean fish caught in wild. In our restaurant you can try dishes of traditional Italian cuisine in warm, almost homely atmosphere.
The idea of  the restaurant is using only local, regional ingredients. Why to buy the fish caught in the Atlantic Ocean or has been grown up in shelters if the sea in three kilometers from us! Therefore we offer you not only our dishes from fresh fish, but also excellent wine of the region of Lazio.
The menu consists of the main types of so-called «oily fish» (a sprat, the capelin, a sardine, a herring, a tuna, a mackerel…. etc.). Our choice isn’t casual, as these species of fish are the best source an omega-3 and an omega-6 of unsaturated fat acids. Using fish with an omega-3 and an omega-6 fat acids, you protect yourself from a heart attack, a stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. Therefore we care about healthy eating, carefully choosing components for our dishes.
We also offer you the menu for children.



Ristorante Povero Pesce – Ostia
Lungomare Paolo Toscanelli, 120 – Ostia Lido (Roma)
Tel. 06 6421 1205 – info@poveropesce.com